Commune Martyrum Tempore Paschali

I Pro uno Martyre

Alleluia: Mt 28:2; 2nd same as Roman

(feria VI post Ascensionem usque ad feriam VI ante Vigiliam Pentecostes) [does not exist in the Roman]:Ps 46:6; Ps 20:4

Communion: Jn 15:1.5


II Pro pluribus Martyribus

Alleluia: Mt 28:2; 2nd same as Roman (Eccl. Vox)

(feria VI post Ascensionem usque ad feriam VI ante Vigiliam Pentecostes) [does not exist in the Roman]: Ps 46:6; Eccl. Vox

Offertory: Ps 89:14

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Commune Doctorum

Introit: V./ Eccli. 15:6
Collect: The Bragan Missal presents two collects, while the Roman gives us only one.

Pro Doctore Pontifici:

Ecclesiam tuam, Domine, benignus illustra: ut beati N., Pontificis tui atque Doctoris, illuminata doctrinis: ad dona perveniat sempiterna. Per Dominum. (Compare this with the collect for St. John the Evanglist)

Pro Doctore non Pontifici: same as the prayer found in the Roman missal.

Epistle: Sap 7:7-13

(tempore Paschali usque ad Ascensionem): 1st – Mt 28:2

(feria VI post Ascensionem usque ad feriam VI ante Vigiliam Pentecostes) [does not exist in the Roman]: Ps 46:6; Osee 14:6

Communion: Mt 25:20-21

Alia Epistolae pro Doctoribus: 2 Tim 4:1-8 (main Roman reading for Mass); Eccli 39:6-14 (also an alternative in Roman missal)

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Commune unius Martyris extra Tempus Paschale

I Pro Martyre Pontifice

Introit: V./ Ps 88:21

Preces populi tui, quaesumus, Domine, celmenter exaudi: ut beati N., Matryris tui atque Pontificis, meritis adjuvemur, cujus passione laetamur. Per Dominum.

We beg Thee, o Lord, that you mercifully hear the prayers of Thy people, that we maybe aided by the merits of Thy martyr and priest NAME, in whose passion we rejoice. Through Our Lord…. etc.

Epistle: Eccl 31:8-11
Gradual: Eccl 44:16.20
Alleluia: Ps 20:4
Gospel: Mt 24:42-47
Offertory: Ps 20:1-2

Suscipe, quaesumus, Domie, munera dignanter oblata et beati N., Martyris tui, suffragantibus meritis: ad nostrae salutis auxilium provenire concede. Per Dominum.

Receive, we ask, o Lord, the sacrifices of Thy blessed martyr NAME having been worthily offered: grant that they produce a help for our salvation. Through Our Lord…. etc.

Communion: Mt 25:20-21

Satiasti, Domine, familiam tuam muneribus sacris: ejus, quaesumus, semper interventione nos refove, cujus solemnia celebramus. Per Dominum.

O Lord, Thou doth satiate Thy household with holy gifts: We beg Thee, always nurture us through his intervention whose sollemn rites we celebrate.


III Pro Martyre non Pontifice

Introit: Ps 8:6-7 ; V./ Ps 8:1

Praesta, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus: ut qui beati N., Martyris tui, natalitia colimus: a cunctis malis imminentibus ejus intercessione liberemur. Per Dominum.

Grant, we beseech Thee, o Almighty God, that we, who recall the birth of Thy blessed Martyr NAME be freed through his intercession from all imminent evils.

Epistle: Eccl 14:22;15:3-4.6
Gradual: Ps 20:4.3
Alleluia: Jac 1:12
Gospel: Lk 14:26-33

Oblatis, Domine, quaesumus, placare muneribus: et intercedente beato N., Martyre tuo, a cunctis nos defende periculis. Per Dominum.

We ask, o Lord that Thou be pleased by these offered sacrifices and, with Thy Martyr NAME interceding, defend us from all dangers. Through Our Lord… etc.

Communion: Ps 20:6

Sit nobis, Domine, reparatio mentis et corporis caeleste mysterium: ut cujus exsequimur cultum, sentiamus auxilium. Per Dominum.

May this celestial mystery of the body and reparation of the mind be for us, o Lord, that we perceive the help of him whose veneration we follow. Through Our Lord… etc.


IV Pro Martyre non Pontifice

Introit: Ps 20:2-3; V./ Ps 20:4

Praesta, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus: ut qui beati N., Martyris tui, natalitia colimus, intercessione ejus, in tui nominis amore roboremur. Per Dominum.

Grant, we ask, o Almighty God, that we be strengthened in the love of Thy name through the intercession of him Thy Martyr NAME whose birth we recall.

Epistle: Sap 4:7-11.13-15
Gospel: Mt 16:24-28
Communion: Mt 16:24


V Pro Martyre non Pontifice

The Mass is the same as the Roman IV except for:
Gradual: Ps 20:4-5
Alleluia: Ps 8:6-7
Gospel: Jn 12:24-26
Offertory: Ps 20:3-4


VI Pro Martyre non Pontifice (this Mass is not present in the Roman missal)

This Mass is not present in the Roman missal.
Introit: Ps 36:24.26.28; V./ Ps 36:1
Collect: same as Bragan IV
Epistle: Heb 13:9-16
Gradual: Ps 8:6-7
Alleluia: Ps 20:4
Tract: Ps 20:3-4
Gospel: Mt 10:26-32
Offertory: Ps 20:2-3

Muneribus nostris, quaesumus, Domine, precibusque susceptis: et caelestibus nos munda mysteriis, et clementer exaudi. Per Dominum.

We beseech Thee, o Lord, having received these gifts and prayers, wash us with Thy celestial mysteries and mercifully hear us. Through Our Lord… etc.

Communion: Ps 63:11

Da, quaesumus, Domine Deus noster: ut, sicut tuorum comemoratione Sanctorum, temporali gratulamur officio; ita perpetuo laetemur aspectu. Per Dominum.

Grant, we beseech O Lord God, that just as we, by the commemoration of your saints, give thanks in the temporal office, we may also rejoice in the [/Thy] perpetual sight. Through our Lord…


Aliae Epistolae et aliud Evangelium

Jac 1:2-12
Jac 1:12-18
Sap 10:10-14
Mt 10:34-42

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Rite of Tibães

One of our readers was kind enough to send us a short article on the rite of Tibães. This article (in Portuguese) was in the long extinct liturgical magazine Opus Dei, published by the Benedictines of Singeverga (at the time, spearhead of the Liturgical Movement in Portugal). For those who have never heard of the rite of Tibães, it was the liturgical rite of the Portuguese Benedictine congregation, used in all the Portuguese Benedictine institutions and houses up until the 19th century, when the religious houses in Portugal were expelled by the government. The rite’s name comes from the locality where the Benedictine’s motherhouse was located, a village called Tibães, outside of Braga. We share this article due to the fact that there exists a relationship between it and the Bragan rite. To access the article, just click the link below.

Rite of Tibães


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An appeal to readers

I would like to make an appeal to our readers’ generosity. I am trying to acquire books to help with my study of the Bragan rite. One of the books on the “to purchase” list is titled Pontifical de Luxo Brácaro-Romano, which is currently a bit too expensive for my budget (I am the sole provider for a family of four, just getting by). If any of our readers would like to make a donation to help with its purchase, our would even like to purchase the book and offer it, I would be very greatful and keep them in my prayers. - Pontifical de Luxo Brácaro-Romano

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Braga Cathedral


Plaque commemorating the revision of the Bragan rite in the early 20th century, revision which this blog is dedicated to

We very recently had the opportunity to visit the cathedral of Braga. If you do get a chance to visit, read up on the cathedral’s history yourself: we were unlucky with the tourguide that showed us around, as she revealed unaccurate knowledge of the place; her presence was needed, however, to have access to other chapels and the choir loft. No mention whatsoever was made of the Bragan rite.

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We’d like to take the time to publicize The Scholasticum, a Post-Graduate Institute for the study of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy. Clicking on the image below will take you to their website.


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