Rite of Tibães

One of our readers was kind enough to send us a short article on the rite of Tibães. This article (in Portuguese) was in the long extinct liturgical magazine Opus Dei, published by the Benedictines of Singeverga (at the time, spearhead of the Liturgical Movement in Portugal). For those who have never heard of the rite of Tibães, it was the liturgical rite of the Portuguese Benedictine congregation, used in all the Portuguese Benedictine institutions and houses up until the 19th century, when the religious houses in Portugal were expelled by the government. The rite’s name comes from the locality where the Benedictine’s motherhouse was located, a village called Tibães, outside of Braga. We share this article due to the fact that there exists a relationship between it and the Bragan rite. To access the article, just click the link below.

Rite of Tibães


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An appeal to readers

I would like to make an appeal to our readers’ generosity. I am trying to acquire books to help with my study of the Bragan rite. One of the books on the “to purchase” list is titled Pontifical de Luxo Brácaro-Romano, which is currently a bit too expensive for my budget (I am the sole provider for a family of four, just getting by). If any of our readers would like to make a donation to help with its purchase, our would even like to purchase the book and offer it, I would be very greatful and keep them in my prayers.


Wook.pt - Pontifical de Luxo Brácaro-Romano

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Braga Cathedral


Plaque commemorating the revision of the Bragan rite in the early 20th century, revision which this blog is dedicated to

We very recently had the opportunity to visit the cathedral of Braga. If you do get a chance to visit, read up on the cathedral’s history yourself: we were unlucky with the tourguide that showed us around, as she revealed unaccurate knowledge of the place; her presence was needed, however, to have access to other chapels and the choir loft. No mention whatsoever was made of the Bragan rite.

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We’d like to take the time to publicize The Scholasticum, a Post-Graduate Institute for the study of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy. Clicking on the image below will take you to their website.


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“Ecce Homo” procession

A brief snippet of a Bragan Holy Week procession

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Moving on

We are happy to announce that we have finally finished looking at the Masses of the Proprium de Tempore and will be moving on to a new section of the missal. Next up will be the Commune de Sanctorum.

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Purissimi Cordis B. Mariae V.

This feast is kept on the Saturday within the Octave of Corpus Christi, and shares with the Roman “Immaculate Heart of Mary” (Augist 22nd) the Collect, Alleluia, Secret and Post-Communion.

Introit: Ps. 44:14-15; V. Ps 44:2
Epistle: Cant. 8:6-7
Gradual: Sap. 7:25-26; V. Cant. 6:2
Alleluia: Lk 1:46-47
Gospel: Lk:2:48-51
Offertory: Judith 15:11
Communion: Cant. 2:3

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