Missa Votivae (II)

Missa ad poscendam pluviam

This Mass does not exist in the Roman Missal. However, the Collect, Secret and Post-Communion found in the Oratione Diversae under Ad petendam pluviam (in the Roman missal) are the same as those found in this Mass.

Introit: Ps 73:; V./ Ps 73:1

Epistle: Lev 26: 3-12

Gradual: Ps 89: 13.1

Alleluia: Ps 129:1 (TP – Mat 28:2; V./ Ps 129:1)

Tract: Jas 5:17-18

Gospel: Mk 8:1-9

Offertory: Dan 3:40

Communion: Lk 11:9.10

Missa pro serenitate

This Mass also does not exist in the Roman Missal. As was the case with the previous Mass, the Collect, Secret and Post-Communion found in the Oratione Diversae under Ad postulandam serenitatem (in the Roman missal) are the same as those found in this Mass.

Introit: Sap 11:24-27; V./ Ps 56:2

Epistle: Jer 14: 7-9

Gradual: Ps 78: 9-10

Alleluia: Ps 129:1 (TP – Mat 28:2; V./ Ps 129:1)

Tract: Qui cognoscis, Domine, occulta cordis, noli claudere auris tuas ad preces nostras. V./ Adjutor esto in tribulationibus quae invenerunt nos nimis.

Gospel: Lk 8:22-25

Offertory: Ps 9:11-13

Communion: Ps 118:4-5

Missa pro navegantibus

Another Mass that does not exist in the Roman Missal. Unlike the previous Masses, the Collect, Secret and Post-Communion found in the Oratione Diversae under pro navegantibus are not the same. It can be found, however, in the Dominican Missal.

Introit: Ps 106:22-23; V./ Ps 106:1


Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui beatum Petrum Apostolum, super mare ambulantem, ad te venire jussisti: intercedente beata et gloriosa semper virgine Genetrice Maria cum omnibus Sanctis tuis, adesto famulis tuis super mare navegantibus, et in tua misericordia confidentibus; ut, ope misericordiae tuae adjuti, ad loca destinata et ad salutis portum sine impedimento sani et incolumes valeant pervenire: Qui vivis.

Epistle: Jon 2: 2-10

Gradual: Ps 68: 17.16

Alleluia: Ps 106: 29.30 (TP: Mat 28:2; V./ Ps 106: 29-30)

Tract: Ps 76: 17-19

Gospel: Mk 4: 35-40

Offertory: Ps 106: 25.28


Suscipe, quaesumus, Domine, preces et oblationes, quas tibi offerimus pro famulis tuis super mare navegantibus: ut praesta; ut Angelus sanctus per omnem viam aquarum eis occurrat, qui in eundo et redeundo dux eis et comes mitissimus efficiatur. Per Dominum.

Communion: Ps 68:35 & Ps: 88:10


Per hujus, Domine, Sacramenti perceptionem famulos tuos navigantes, et in tua misericordia sperantes, ab omni periculos liberare digneris: adsit Spiritus Sanctus, qui eos sanos et incolumes custodiat, atque ad locum destinatum et ad salutis portum cum gaudio et prosperitate faciat pervenire. Per Dominum… in unitate.

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Missae Votivae (I)

In the Bragan Missal we find the Masses contra paganos and ad tollendam schisma with their original name (they are under a different title in the 1962 edition of the Missale Romanum).


Missa pro vitanda mortalitate:

Alleluia: Zach 8:7-8
Alleluia (TP): Mt 28:2; Zach 8:7-8
Post-communion: […] et, intercedente beatae Dei Genetrice semperque Virgine Maria cum omnibus sanctis, populum […]


Missa pro remissione peccatorum:

Introit: Dan 3:31,29,34.35; V./ Ps 118:1
Epistle: Jer 14:7-9
Alleluia: Ps 84:8
Gospel: Mk 11:22-25
Offertory: Ps 50:3
Communion: Ps 30:3


Missa pro pace:

Epistle: Rm 12:16-21
Gradual: Ps 121:1.7
Alleluia: Ps 147:3 (the gradual and alleluia vary from the RM only in the verses chosen)

Tua est potentia, tuum regnum, Domine, tu es super omnes gentes: da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris. V./ Creator omnium, Deus terribilis, fortis, justus et misericors: da pacem in diebus nostris.

(can be found in a Franciscan Breviary as a responsory at Matins for the 1st Sunday of October and, a fortiori, in the Roman Breviary)
Alleluia (TP): Mt 28:2; Zac 8:7-8
Gospel: Lk 18:1-8
Offertory: Ps 33:8-9
Communion: Ps 11:8


Missa tempore belli:

Collect (found also in the Ambrosian missal):

Omnipotens et misericors Deus: a bellorum nos, quaesumus, turbine fac quietos; quia nobis bona cuncta praestabis, si pacem dederis animae et corporis. Per Dominum.

Tract: Jer 42:11.10
Alleluia (TP): Mt 28:2; Ps 58:2
Post-communion (also in the Ambrosian missal):

Sacrosanci corporis et sanguinis Domini nostri Jesu Christi refectione vegetati: supplices te rogamus, omnipotens Deus; ut, hoc remedio singulari, ab omni peccatorum nos contagione purifices, et a periculorum munias incursione cunctorum. Per eumdem Dominum.

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Consummatum est!

The final sections of the missal have finally been added. That brings this chapter of the Bragan missal project to a conclusion.

As time permits, we will return to a comparison of Masses (as we were doing previously) or perhaps turn our attention to the Breviary, depending on our readers’ interest.

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A few more sections

Today three more scanned sections have been added: Missae Votivae, Missae Defunctorum and Absolutio Super Tumulum. We are now in the homestretch, with only a couple of sections left.

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Commune Sanctorum

The Commune Sanctorum has now been made available.

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Proprium de Sanctis

The scans of the Proprium de Sanctis are now all available.

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Proprium de Sanctis

Scans of the Proprium de Sanctis have now begun to be uploaded on the Missale page.

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Missal Acquisition

Dear Readers,

Many thanks to those of you who helped raise funds to acquire the Bragan missal. We have reached the goal and the missal has been secured. While the high-res scanning does not get underway we will continue to upload the low-res scans, as has been done up until now.

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Crowd funding

We are currently trying to raise money to acquire a Bragan missal the has recently been put up for sale. The purpose of the acquisition will be to provide a higher quality scan than the one currently under way. Any monetary assistance, no mater how small, is greatly appreciated. In the long run the missal will be donated to a religious community. You can make your donation here.

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Ceremonial added

A Ceremonial for High Mass has been added to the missal page. It is in Portuguese and describes, in parallel columns, what each minister is doing at each point in the Mass.

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