While I provide these here free of charge and hold no rights to the text itself, I would appreciate that they not be distributed by third parties without recognition.
If a certain file seems to be incomplete, please check either the previous or following one. 

  • Ceremonial for High Mass (I do not own the rights to this text, but after searching about and writing to the competent authorities believe it to be in public domain. If it is not, please be so kind as to inform me and I shall take it down.)

6 Responses to Missale

  1. Paul Duarte Brasil says:

    Quando vamos comesar ver o proprio dos Santos?
    Mesmo que fosse um mês de cada vez seria optimo.

  2. Paul Brasil says:

    Thank you for starting to upload the Proprium de Sanctis. Page 517 (Sao Joao de Brito) did not come out well. You might try to re-scan it.

  3. Paul Brasil says:

    Wonderful to have the proper of saints available. I hope the rest of the missal will appear soon and I hope the hand missal will also become available,

  4. Paul Brasil says:

    Very Good. Any chance we could get the hand missal out online?

    • Br. Gregory says:

      The hand missal (the edition I have, at least) doesn’t really merit the trouble of scanning as it is quite poor (for various reasons).

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