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History of the use/rite of Braga (III)

The 16th century was witness to the beginning of bi-ritualism in the archdiocese. We begin to see Roman elements creeping into the Bragan use (e.g., saints from the Roman calendar, the Bragan calendar being very sparse at the time; rules … Continue reading

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Bragan hand missal

A Bragan hand missal has recently come in to my possession. Their existence was previously unknown to me, and it was a pleasant surprise to find one. The imprimatur on this particular hand missal is 1962. It is not as … Continue reading

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Report on the Bragan Rite for the Congregation for Divine Worship – Review

As some of our readers may or may not know, the Bragan rite was one of the few Western rites still in use at the time of the liturgical reform after the II Vatican Council and which was not revised/reformed.  … Continue reading

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Further information on links between the Sarum and Bragan usages

A reader, Doug Cowling, has left a comment on another post which merits its own post. The comment cites a book which sheds some light on the influence of the Sarum usage on the Bragan. According to Frank Harrison in … Continue reading

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