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We have been able to find some videos of the Bragan Holy Week on-line. As might have been referred to on previous occasions, the use of Braga is used at the cathedral only during Holy Week, and has been somewhat Novus Ordo-ized (if there was ever an approval of a revision after Rome’s disapproval of the revisions in the 1970’s, we are unaware). Here follow some spliced videos.

Palm Sunday:

The blessing of the palms takes place in a different church, but does not follow the traditional rubrics.
20:00 – olive branches are thrown at the processional cross [we have been able to find this rubric in the missal. Is it an older tradition, or a newer addition?] during the singing of the Ave rex noster, which is not sung as the traditional rubrics prescribe, nor is there any genuflecting. [21:26 – an old Bragan missal can be seen]
22:45 – striking the doors with the processional cross [the bishop claims this is something particular to the Bragan use(?!?!)]. The ritual does not follow the traditional rubrics.
The Passion narrative is not sung; the traditional rubrics, which mention that the books are to be struck, are not followed, neither is there a genuflection or any considerable moment of silence at Jesus’ death.

Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified:

53:50 – the singing of the Improperia. The traditional Bragan rubrics do not seem to be followed closely here, as the chant is cut short.
57:28 – the raising of the white linen for the adoration of the Cross. Again, the adoration does not seem to follow the traditional rubrics too closely
1:05:00 – the singing of the Pange Lingua
1:10:15 – Vespers
1:27:00 – the Theophoric procession begins
1:31:22, 1:34:36 – clergy with their head covered by hoods can be seen
1:36:31 – the curtain where the Blessed Sacrament will repose is closed

Holy Saturday:

2:04 – we get a cameo of the serpentina arrudina, the triple-branched candle stick.
5:06 – lighting of the Paschal candle from the triple candle stick
The 3rd and 4th Prophetic readings are not those of traditional rite. The blessing of the font is that of the Novus Ordo.
1:37:05 – the triple extinguishing and relighting of the paschal candle to the singing of Accendite

After watching these videos one is lead to question: what were the criteria used for keeping certain features of the Bragan use while eschewing others? And why were even the features that were retained altered?

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