Commune Dedicationis Ecclesiae

Introit: V./ Ps 86:1-2
Gradual: the same as the Roman, only with the indication Eccl. Laus
Tract: Mt 21:13; 7:7

(Part of the Tract can be heard in the video above)


(tempore paschali) Mt 28:2; Ps 137:2
(feria VI post Ascensionem usque ad feriam VI ante Vigiliam Pentecostes) [does not exist in the Roman]: Ps 46:6; Ps 137:2

Secret: while the Roman has three option secrets, the Bragan only has two (it is missing the second found in the Roman)

At the end of the Common of the Dedication of a Church one can find a specific Collect, Secret and Post-communion to be used on the day of the Dedication of an altar (the Mass to be used is that of the Dedication of a Church). While these prayers do not seem to be extant in the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal, they can be found in earlier editions).

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