Commune pluriorum Martyrum extra Tempus Paschale

The Bragan Missal offers 6 Masses for the Common of Several Martyrs outside of Paschaltide, in contrast to the 3 in the Roman.


  • # RM – Mass number # in Roman Missal
  • # BM – Mass number # in Bragan Missal


Introit: II RM
Collect: II RM
Epistle: Heb 11:33-39
Alleluia: Ps 67:4
Offertory: Sap 3:1-3
Secret: II RM
Communion: Lk 6:17-19
Post-communion: II RM


Introit: III RM
Collect: III RM
Epistle: Sap 3:1-8
Gradual: Ps 33:18-19
Alleluia: Apoc 7:14
Gospel: Mt 5:1-12
Offertory: Ps 67:36
Secret: III RM
Communion: Sap 3:4-6
Post-communion: III RM


Introit: Ps 33:20-22; V./ Ps 33:2

Praesta, quaesumus, Domine, precibus nostris cum exsultatione proventum: ut quorum diem passionis, annua devotione recolimus: etiam fidei constantiam subsequamur. Per Dominum.

Grant, we pray, O Lord, by our rising exultant prayers, that whose day of passion we commemorate by an annual devotion, we may also imitate [their] constancy of faith.  Through our Lord.

Epistle: II RM, with verse 22 added
Gradual: Ps 149:5; V./ Ps 149:1
Alleluia: Sap 3:7
Gospel: II RM
Offertory: Ps 127:7

Vota populi tui, quaesumus, Domine propitiatus intende: et quorum nos tribuis solemnia celebrare, fac gaudere suffragiis. Per Dominum.

To the prayers of thy people, we pray, O Lord, graciously give ear, and gladden with approbation we whom thou allowest to celebrate these solemnities.Through our Lord.

Communion: III RM

Exaudi, Domine, preces nostras: et Sanctorum tuorum, quorum festa solemniter celebramus, continuis foveamur auxiliis. Per Dominum.

Hear, O Lord, our prayers, and those of thy Saints, whose feasts we solemnly celebrate, may we be supported by continual assistance. Through our Lord.


Introit: Ps 33: 18-19; V./ Ps 33:2
Collect: III BM
Epistle: Heb 16:32-38
Gradual: Ps 123: 7-8
Tract: Ps 125: 5-6
Alleluia: Ps 31:11
Gospel: Lk 21:14-15
Offertory: Sap 3:7-8
Secret: III BM
Communion: Lk 12:4
Post-communion: III BM


Introit: Ps 78:11-12.10;

Beatorum Martyrum tuorum N. et N., quaesumus, Domine, nos foveat pretiosa confessio: et pia jugiter intercessio tueatur. Per Dominum.

May the witness of thy Blessed Martyrs N. and N., we pray, O Lord, support us, and their pious intercession continually preserve us. Through our Lord.

Gospel: Apoc 7:13-17
Gradual Ps 78:16; V./ Ps 78:2
Alleluia: Ps 144:10-11
Tract: PS 125:5-6
Gospel: Lk 12:1-19
Offertory: Ps 5:12-13

Pro Sanctorum tuorum N. et N. commemoratione, munera tibi, Domine, quae debemus exsolvimus: praesta, quaesumus,; ut remedium nobis perpetuae salutis operentur. Per Dominum.

These offerings which we owe, O Lord, we sacrifice to thee for the commemoration of thy Saints N. and N., grant, we pray, that they may bestow an aid of perpetual salvation on us.

Communion: Mt 12:50

Ut percepta nos, Domine, tua sancta purificent: beatorum N. et N., quaesumus, imploret oratio. Per Dominum.

May the holy things which we have received, O Lord, purify us:  and the prayer of the blessed N. and  N. implore [thee].  Through our Lord.


Introit: Ps 67:4; V./ Ps 67:2

Semper nos, Domine, sanctorum Martyrum tuorum N. et N., foveat, quaesumus, beata solemnitas: et tuo dignos reddat obsequio. Per Dominum.

May this blessed solemnity, always, we pray, O Lord, of thy Martyrs N. and N., support us: and render us worthy of thy servitude.

Epistle: Prov 10:28-32; 11:3-4.6.8-11
Gradual: Sap 1:3
Alleluia: Ps 112:1-2
Tract: Ps 125:5-6
Gospel: 13:1-3
Offertory: Ps 149:5-6

Sanctorum Martyrum tuorum N. et N. tibi grata sit confessio: et munera nostra commendet, et tuam nobis indulgentiam semper imploret. Per Dominum.

May the confession of thy Holy Martyrs N. and N. be acceptable to thee and both commend our offerings and always implore for us thy pardon.  Through our Lord.

Communion: Jn 15:16

Quaesumus, Domine, ut beatorum Martyrum tuorum N. et N. deprecationibus: Sacramenta sancta quae sumpsimus; ad tuae nobis proficiant placationis augmentum. Per Dominum.

We pray, O Lord, that, by the entreaty of thy Holy Martyrs N. and N. the holy Sacraments which we have received: may make us pleasing to thee.  Through our Lord.

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Benedictine oblate, husband and father of 3, enamoured with the Liturgy, Fathers, and Sacred Scriptures. Trying to persevere through the "dura et aspera" while de Dei misericordia numquam desperare."
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