Commune Doctorum

Introit: V./ Eccli. 15:6
Collect: The Bragan Missal presents two collects, while the Roman gives us only one.

Pro Doctore Pontifici:

Ecclesiam tuam, Domine, benignus illustra: ut beati N., Pontificis tui atque Doctoris, illuminata doctrinis: ad dona perveniat sempiterna. Per Dominum. (Compare this with the collect for St. John the Evanglist)

Pro Doctore non Pontifici: same as the prayer found in the Roman missal.

Epistle: Sap 7:7-13

(tempore Paschali usque ad Ascensionem): 1st – Mt 28:2

(feria VI post Ascensionem usque ad feriam VI ante Vigiliam Pentecostes) [does not exist in the Roman]: Ps 46:6; Osee 14:6

Communion: Mt 25:20-21

Alia Epistolae pro Doctoribus: 2 Tim 4:1-8 (main Roman reading for Mass); Eccli 39:6-14 (also an alternative in Roman missal)

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