“Ecce Homo” procession

A brief snippet of a Bragan Holy Week procession

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5 Responses to “Ecce Homo” procession

  1. A very similar procession is held up until today in almost all parishes along the Adriatic Coast (Croatia) where the Mediterranean culture prevails and where the Roman Rite was used in the Old Church Slavonic language for centuries. Even after the reform of Holy Week in the 1950’s many parishes still kept the theophoric procession on Good Friday night as a “burial of Christ”. Others, under the influence of the reform, kept the procession with the exception that the Sacrament eas not cariied but the cross took it’s place as the central simbol in the procession while all else remains the same (torches, chants, black vestements in some places…). Here is a small video of a typical Good Friday “burial of Christ” procession in a small island village in Dalmatia (central Adriatic Coast, Croatia) – Veli Iž.

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