In Ascensione Domini

In Vigilia Ascensionis

The rubrics of the Vigil of Ascension concern places where there is a choral obligation. If there is a semi-double, double, or “feast of the first order” then there are three Masses: the festive Mass after Terce, the Vigil Mass after Sext, and the Rogation Mass and procession after None; no commemorations at any Masses. If the Rogation procession is not observed then the Rogation Mass is commemorated at the Vigil Mass.
Introit: Ps 41:2; V. Ps 41:4

Praesta, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus: ut nostrae mentis affectus, quo solemnitatis venturae gloriosus Auctor ingressus est, semper intendat; et, quo fide pergit, conversatione perveniat. Per eumdem Dominum.

Grant, we beseech Thee, Almight God, that the affect of our mind, into which the glorious Creator of the coming feast has entered, always stretch forth; and where it continues in faith, may it arrive with frequent abode. Through the same Christ Our Lord…

Epistle: Act 4:32-35
2nd Alleluia: Jn 17:12.15
Offertory: Ps 46:6

Sacrificium, Domine, quod pro gloriosa Ascensione Filii tui nunc deferimus: praesta, quaesumus; ut, et nos per Ipsum, his commerciis sacrosanctis, ad caelestia consurgamus. Per eumdem Dominum.

Now we put off, O Lord, the Sacrifice for the glorious ascension of Thy Son; Grant, we beseech Thee that even we may arise through Him to the heavens, by these sacrosanct fellowship. Through the same Christ Our Lord….

Communion: Jn 17:12-13.15

Tribue, quaesumus, Domine, ut, per haec sacramenta quae sumpsimus, illuc tendat nostrae devotionis affectus, quo Tecum est nostra substantia, Iesus Christus, Filius tuus, Dominus noster. Qui tecum.

Bestow, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that, through these sacraments which we have consumed, the affect of our devotion may stretch forth thither, whither our essence is with Thee, Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Lord. Who lives an reigned with The…


In Ascensione Domini

This feast’s Mass has the following differences:

The second verse of the Introit is not the same as the Roman (Ps 46:2), but also from Acts (Acts 1:10). Immediately after that verse the first (Acts 1:11) is repeated. Then follows the Gloria Patri, with Viri Galilaei repeated again.

The second Alleluia is not Ps 67:18-19, but rather John 20:17 Ascendo ad Patrem.

The Offertory is Viri Galilaei again, not Ps 46:6.

Dominica infra Octavam Ascensionis
1st Alleluia: Ps 57:18-19
2nd Alleluia: Jn 15:26;16:8

In Octava Ascensionis
The Mass is the same as In Ascensione Domini, except for the Gospel, which is Lk 24:49-53

Feria VI post Octavam Ascensionis
Epistle: Hb 2:9-18; 3:1
Gospel: Jn 15:7-11


Many thanks again to “The Rad Trad” for help with the rubrics.

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