In Litaniis majoribus et minoribus

The major Litanies [of Saints] are said always on the feast of St Mark, unless his feast falls during Pascha, in which case it is all transferred to the next available day. On the Monday before the Ascension the Mass Exaudivit for the Rogations is said followed by a Rogation procession; if there is a feast, then the Rogation Mass and festive Mass are celebrated separately without commemorations; if there is only one Mass it is of the feast (even Simplex rank) with a commemoration of the Rogation Mass. On the second day the Mass is of the day, ferial or festive, with a commemoration of the Rogation Mass. The same for the third day, the Ascension vigil with a Rogation commemoration. The Rogation procession with the litanies between the Bragan churches and oratories follows the Mass of the day. Wherever the Rogation Mass is impeded it is always commemorated, except for Requiem Masses.

Feria Secunda Rogationum
There is only one Alleluia on this day – Ps. 117:1 (different from any of those in the Roman missal)
The rubrics state that in this Mass and the following that Benedicamos Domino should be said sine Alleluia (however, for some reason the missal consulted has the sine scribbled out and written over it cum unico)

Feria Terca Rogationum
Epistle: 1 Tim 2:1-7
Alleluia: Lk 11:5-6
Gospel: Mt 7:7-14


Many thanks to “The Rad Trad” for the interpretation of the rubrics.


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Benedictine oblate, husband and father of 3, enamoured with the Liturgy, Fathers, and Sacred Scriptures. Trying to persevere through the "dura et aspera" while de Dei misericordia numquam desperare."
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