Pro S. Telesphoro

The Mass for this day is completely different than in the Roman missal. While the Roman uses the Missa Si diliges me from the Commune Sanctorum (Commune unius aut plurium Summorum Pontificum), and has proper Collect, Secret and Post-communion, the Bragan uses a Mass from the Commune unius Martyris extra Tempus Paschale, the Missa Gloria et honore (not extant in the Roman missal). The Bragan does not provide any proper prayers. We will not be reproducing the Common Mass here as we intended to look at the Commune Sanctorum at a later date.


Curiously, while it does describe the saint as “Papa et mart.”, the Mass is under the heading of Pro Martyre non Pontifice! However, if any of our readers would like to offer their guess as to why the Mass chosen is from that specific category given that the saint was indeed Pope, please feel free to do so in the comments box.

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