In Circumcisione Domini


For the Feast of the Circumcision we find the following differences in the Bragan missal:


Deus, qui nobis Salvatoris diem celebrare concedis, octavum: fac nos, quaesumus, eius perpetua divinitate muniri; cuius sumus carnali commercio reparati. Per eumdem Dominum.

O God, who grants to us that we may celebrate the eighth day of the Savior: Make us, we beseech Thee, be protected by His perpetual divinity; through whose carnal communication we are restored. Through the same Lord…


Praesta, quaesumus, Domine: ut haec munera, quae Domini nostri Iesu Christi arcanae nativitatis mysterio gerimus: purificatae mentis intelligentia consequamur. Per eumdem Dominum.

Furnish, we beseech Thee o Lord, that we may obtain these gifts, which we bring forth on the mystery of the sacred nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, with the understanding of a purified mind.


Praesta, quaesumus, Domine: ut quod Salvatoris nostri iterata festivitate percepimus: perpetuae nobis redemptionis conferat medicinam. Per eumdem Dominum.

Grant, we beseech Thee o Lord, that which we received on the repeated feast of our Savior, may bring us the medicine of perpetual redemption. Through the same Lord..


The collect of the day mentions commercio. I believe this is a hearkening back to the First Mass of Christmas Day, where there is already mention in the Secret of  sacrosancta commercia. For a brief explanation of the concept of “commerce” within the context of liturgical worship, follow this link.

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