Maternitas B.M.V.

The Bragan feast for the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has minor differences. For starters it is found in the Proprium de Tempore, and not in the Proprium de Sanctis, as is the case in the Roman missal. Also, while the Roman feast is kept on October 11th, the Bragan is on January 3rd.

Introit: Ps 112:5-6 with versicle Ps 45:5
Gloria is to be said at this Mass

Intercedat pro nobis, Domine Jesu Christe, tua sanctissima Genetrix Maria: et gratiam tuam, a qua peccando excidimus, nobis sua intercessione conciliet; ut ejus Maternitatem venerantes in terris, ejus super omnes choros Angelorum exaltatione perfrui mereamur in caelis. Qui vivis.

May thy most holy Mother Mary intercede for us, oh Lord Jesus Christ and gain for us, by her intercession, thy grace, which we forfeit by sinning, that by venerating her Maternity on earth, we may merit great happiness in heaven by her exaltation above all the choirs of Angels. Who livest.

Tract (when used as a votive Mass from Septuagesima to the Saturday before Passion Sunday): Gaude Maria virgo, cunctas haereses sola interemisti in universo mundo.

The Tract, found in both missals, Gaude Maria Virgo, cuncta haereses sola interemisti.

Alleluia: Is 7:14

Unlike in the Roman missal, the Preface used is that of the Nativity.

The feast with these specific texts seems to have been an indult to the Portuguese Church, as can be acertained here. The feast was celebrated, however, on the first Sunday of May. Why this choice when traditionally January 1st was associated with the Blessed Mother’s maternity? The Bragan date, January 3rd seems to be more in keeping with the traditional liturgical understanding.

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