Feasts in December

There are not many differences in the final feasts of December, so we shall be treating them all under one post.

S. Joannis
Introit: Instead of the Psalm verse we find Eccli. 15:6

Dominica infra Octavam Nativitatis
Alleluia: Mat 2:20

S. Thomae

Deus qui beautum Thomam Archipraesulum ab exilio revocatum in Ecclesia et pro Ecclesia occumbere gladio voluisti: praesta, quaesumus, ut ejus meritis in fidei constantia roborati, superatis hostium visibilium omnium et invisibilium insidiis, periculum animae vitemus.

Oh God, who hast willed blessed Thomas, Archbishop, to be recalled from exile in the Church and that he fall by the sword for the Church: grant, we beseech Thee, that strengthened by his merits and firmness in faith, that having overcome their treacheries, we may evade the peril of all enemies visible and invisible.

Does such a “personal” secret for St. Thomas of Canterbury reveal a “Sarum connection”? If anyone has access to the Sarum propers in Latin, it would be greatly appreciated.

S. Silvestri I
While in the 1962 Missale Romanum the Mass prescribed is the Si diligis me, the Bragan missal has the Missa Sacerdotes tui, Domine, which it shares with older editions of the Roman missal.

About Br. Gregory

Benedictine oblate, husband and father of 3, enamoured with the Liturgy, Fathers, and Sacred Scriptures. Trying to persevere through the "dura et aspera" while de Dei misericordia numquam desperare."
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  1. The Secret for St Thomas in the Sarum Missal is “Salutaris hostiae munus sacrandum, quaesumus, Domine, beatus Thomas Pontifex et Martyr nobis ad salutem fore deposcat: ut et conversationis eius experiamur insignia, et intercessionis eius percipiamus suffragia. Per.”

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