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The post on Feria VI in Parasceve has been updated, with a link to a recording of the version of the Popule meus as found in the Bragan missal.

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  1. Doug Cowling says:

    According to Frank Harrison in “Music in Medieval Britain” (p.48)
    “The Sarum liturgy was carried still further afield when Philippa of Lancaster, duaghter of John of Gaunt and Queen of John I of Portugal, introduced its use in Braga in 1385. Some elements of the English rite, notbly certain chants used in the ceremony of the Deposition on Good Friday, remained in the Portuguese service-books. St. Ferdnand Confessor, son of John and Philippa, recited daily from his fourteenth year (1415) until his death in 1443 ‘all the canonical hours according to the use of the Church of Salisbury … His chapel was fully equipped with vestments and all other necessaries and he had chaplains and singers competent to carry out the services of the Sailbur rite,'”
    Harrisons describes the most extraodinary foreign export of the Use of Hereford:
    “From the preferment of a Savoyard … to the bishopric of Hereford in 1240 arose the curious fact that the use of Hereford was observed in a collegiate church in Savoy until 1580”
    The first three chapters of Harrison’s book are an excellent introduction to the English liturgies and the institutions which maintained them.

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