In tempore Passionis


The Bragan Passionweek has very little variance from its Roman counterpart. We have already seen that the major difference can be found on Palm Sunday (Part I & Part II)*.

The only other minor differences would be:

Feria V
Gospel: Jn 7:40-53 [Sarum has the same Gospel]

Feria VI
On this day the Bragan rite still follows the pre-1962 Roman missal in that the main Mass of the day is that of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For more information on the particularities of this day, please visit the blog of the ever knowledgeable Rubricarius.

Gospel: Jn 7:54-72 [Sarum has the same Gospel]

*The Palm Sunday posts will be updated in the near future.

About Br. Gregory

Benedictine oblate, husband and father of 3, enamoured with the Liturgy, Fathers, and Sacred Scriptures. Trying to persevere through the "dura et aspera" while de Dei misericordia numquam desperare."
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