Concerning the differences of the Lenten Masses we shall take the same approach as was done with the Post-Pentecostal period, merely listing the differences.

First Week of Lent:

Feria II
Communion: Ps 3:5.7

Feria V
Gospel: Jn 8:31-47

1st reading: Dt 26:15-19 (shorter than the Roman reading)
1st Collect: 4th Sunday after Epiphany
2nd Collect: 1st Collect in the Roman
3rd Collect: 2nd Collect in the Roman
4th Collect: 3rd Collect in the Roman

Second Week of Lent

Gradual: has extra psalm verses Ps 24:1-4
Tract: Matt 15:26-28
Gospel: Matt 15:21-28

Feria V
Gospel: Jn 5:30-47


Third Week of Lent

Feria V

The Mass on this day in the Roman Missal is that of Sts. Cosmas and Damian; the Bragan, however, makes no mention of them in today’s prayers (apart from in the Canon), being perhaps the most disparate Lenten Mass.

Introit: has the comment “Eccl. vox et Ps. et Prophetis

Concede, quaesumus omnipotens Deus, ut jejuniorum nobis sancta devotio et purificationem tribuat et majestati tuae nos reddat acceptos.

Grant, we pray, oh almighty God, that the holy devotion of this fast may both bring us purification and render us acceptable to thy majesty.

Gospel: Jn 6:27-35

Fac nos quaesumus domine ad sancta mysteria purificatis mentibus accedere ut tibi semper competens deferamus obsequium .

Make us, we pray, oh Lord, to access (thy) sacred mysteries with purified minds so that we may always remain pleasingly obedient to to thee.


Sacramenti tui domine veneranda perceptio et mystico nos mundet effectu et perpetua virtute defendat.

May the venerated and mystical reception of thy sacraments, oh Lord, both wholly cleanse us and safeguard us in perpetual virtue.

Fourth Week in Lent

Feria IV
Gospel: Jn 5:17-29

Upon comparing the Bragan and Sarum missals for the days mentioned in this post we find that they are identical except for Ember Saturday (the first Saturday in Lent): the ony difference being in the choice of collects; the abbreviation of the 1st reading is the same.

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