Sabbato post Cineres

The Mass for “Saturday after Ashes” is the same as that found in the Roman missal; however, the rubrics call for something which is not to be found in the Roman. At First Vespers of the 1st Sunday in Lent all images and reredos are to be veiled, as well as the processional crosses. Also, a veil or curtain is to be placed between the entry and high altar (…inter ingressum et Altare Capaellae maioris…) at all Hours everyday. The veils are to be removed, however, on Solemnities of the 1st Class, Common Octaves, and on the feast of the Annunciation starting First Vespers.

Lenten array according to the Sarum rite. Courtesy of “As the Sun in its Orbit”

While the Roman rite knows the veiling of images, this is only done during Passion Week. The Sarum rite has, apparently, recourse to similar veiling practices (commonly refered to as the Lenten array) as the Bragan, only they begin on Ash Wednesday. Could this disparity in practice be due to the fact that according to the traditional calendar the begining of Lent is somewhat of a moot point? This uncertainty of the begining of Lent can be attested to by the missal itself, which refers to the days ater Ash Wednesday up to the following Saturday as “X after Ashes”.

For more information on the Lenten array please click here, here and here.

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