In Transfiguratione D.N.I.C

The Mass of the Transfiguration found in the Bragan rite is intirely different from its Roman counterpart.

For the Introit we have: Ps 17:14.16 with the versicle Mat 3:16-17. Ps 17:14.16 is repeated, then follows the Gloria Patri and Ps 17:14.16 again.

The Collect presented is

Deus, qui hodierna die Unigenitum tuum mirabiliter transformatum coelitus utriusque Testamenti Patribus revelasti, da nobis, quaesumus, beneplacitis tibi actibus ad eius semper contemplandam pertingere gloriam, in quo tuae paternitati bene complacuisse es testatus. Per Dominum, etc.

God, who hast revealed today Thy Only Begotten Son miraculously transformed from Heaven to the fathers of both testaments, grant us, we beg, through acts pleasing to Thee that we may attain the sight of His glory forever, in Whom Thee confirmed Thy paternity was well-pleased.

The Epistle is the same pericope from 2 Peter, only it starts with versicle 15, not with 16 (as does the Roman).

The Gradual, curiously, is the same gradual as that of the Easter Mass, Haec dies quam fecit

The Alleluia is similar to a Cluniac Transfiguration antiphon. As the Bragan rite was allegedly influenced by Cluny, might this be a vestige of that influence?

The Offertory antiphon  a is a gloss on Mat 17:1-2

For the Secret we have

Suscipe quaesumus Domine sancte Pater omnipotens, munera quae pro gloriosa Filii tui transfiguratione deferimus: et concede propitius ut a temporalibus liberemur incommodis et gaudiis connectamur aeternis. Per Dominum.

Accept. we beg, O Lord, holy Father almighty, the gifts which we bring for the glorious transfiguration of Thy Son.  And grant propitiously that we be freed from temporal misfortunes and that we be joined to eternal joys. Through Our Lord…

Finally, the Post-Communion

Deus, qui hanc diem incarnati Verbi tui transfiguratione, tuaque ad eum missa paternitatis voce consecrasti; tribue,quaesumus, ut divinis alimoniis in eius mereamur membra transformari, qui haec in sui memoriam fieri praecepit Iesus Christus, Filius tuus, Dominus noster, qui tecum.

God, who, through Thy paternal voice emitted to Him, consecrated this day by the transfiguration of Thy word incarnate, grant, we beg, that we merit through divine assistance to be transformed into Jesus Christ’s members, who commanded these things to be done in His own memory, Thy Son, Our Lord, who [lives and regins] with Thee…


While the blessing of the grapes before Mass is thesame as tghe Roman blessing, the Bragan rite’s rubrics demand for this day’s Mass that new wine be used for the consecration; in case new wine is not available, then a grape is to be taken from the cluster of grapes before they are blessed, squeezed onto a spoon, and the juice added to the wine in the chalice!

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