In Assumptione B. Mariae V.


The Bragan Missal we are consulting has two Masses for this day: (pasted into the missal) the Mass that came to be used in the Roman rite after the proclamation in 1950 of the dogma of Mary’s Assumption , and an older Mass. It is this later which we shall be looking at today.

If one were to look only at the first words of the Introit, one would assume that the Mass was the same as the version formerly used in the Roman rite  – the Gaudeamus omnes in Domino. Yet, continuing with the texts, we find some variances.

The Introit is not exactly the same as that of its Roman counterpart. Instead of the psalm versicle one finds Gaudent Angeli, et exultant Archangeli: laetantur iusti, et congratulantur omnes sancti. Then, as is typical of the Bragan rite (but which can also be found in the Sarum rite) on certain feast days, the opening versicle is repeated, followed by the Gloria Patri, and the opening versicle again.

The Collect is different (it is also found in the Sarum missal on this day):

Veneranda nobis, Domine, huius diei festivitatis opem conferat salutarem: in qua sancta Dei Genetrix mortem subiit temporalem; nec tamen mortis nexibus deprimi potuit, quae filium tuum, Dominum nostrum, de se genuit incarnatum: Qui tecum.

Grant, O lord, we beseech thee, that this august solemnity may bring us everlasting aid: forasmuch as on this day the holy Mother of God endured the pains of death, and yet could not be holden of it, seeing that of her substance thy Son our Lord became incarnate.

For the Offertory, the Bragan missal provides us with a versicle from Psalm 44 (Ps 44:3), from which this Mass draws on frequently.

Finally, the Communion antiphon returns to Psalm 44 – Ps 44:8.


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2 Responses to In Assumptione B. Mariae V.

  1. The Rad Trad says:

    The collect Veneranda is also found in the Dominican Missal. This and some other traits of Braga indicate French influence.

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