Sacratissimi Cordis Iesu


In the edition of Bragan Missal which is being used for this blog, two Masses can be found: that which came to be part of the Roman Missal under Pius XI, in 1928, and an older version which is not,however, the Mass of the Roman Missal prior to 1928. The following propers are of the older Mass.


Introit: Cant 3:11

Fac nos, Domine Iesu, sanctissimi Cordis tui virtutibus indui, et affectibus inflammari: ut et imagini bonitatis tuae conformes et tuae redemptionis mereamur esse participles. Qui vivis, et regnas, cum Deo Patre.

Clothe us, Lord Jesus, with the virtues of your sacred Heart, and inflame our souls with the fire of your divine love ; that we may be conformed to the image of your goodness, and be worthy of participating in your redemption: Who lives and reigns.

Epistle: Eph 3:8-9.14-19
Gradual: Mat 21:5; Is 42:4.2
Alleluia: Mat 11:29
Tract: Ps 21:7-8.15 (Votive Mass: Saturday before Septuagesima to Passion Sunday)
Alleluia: Ps 29:3-4.12 (Paschaltide)
Gospel: Jo 15:9-16
Offertory: 1 Paralip 29:17-18

Illo nos igne, quaesumus Domine, Spiritus sanctus imflamme, quen Dominus noster Iesus christus e penteralibus cordis sui misit in terram, et voluit vehementer accendi. Qui tecum vivit et regant in unitate eiusdem Spiritus Sancti Deus.

We beseech you, O Lord, to inflame our souls with the fire of the Holy Ghost; which our Lord Jesus Christ has sent on earth, from the secret recesses of his Heart, to enkindle in us his love : Who lives and .

Preface of the Cross.
Communion: Ps 33:9;99:5

Praebeant nobis, Domine Iesu, divinum tua sancta fervorem: quo dulcissimi Cordis tui suavitate percepta., discamus terrene despicere et amare coelestia. Qui vivis, et regnas.

May your grace, O Lord Jesus, we beseech you, afford us divine favour, in order that, being perceptive of the sweetness of your most loving Heart, we may learn to despise earthly things, and love those that are heavenly: Who lives and reigns….


The presence of both Masses in the Missal seems to suggest that the later Mass superseded the earlier one. for a little more history on the various Masses of the Sacred Heart and their emphases, please click here.

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  1. Tudo bem, Marco?
    Este blogue ganharia em ter uma caixa de procura.
    Chegaste a encontrar algo sobre a adopção deste rito no Brasil?
    Obrigado, um abraço

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