Gaudiorum B. Mariae Virginis

We find this feast on the Monday after Dominica in Albis. We are not aware of it appearing in any editions of the Pian missal. Should anyonehave any information otherwise, we’d appreciate it.

For the Introit we have a text taken from Habacuc (Habac 3:18), but which is not exactly as we find it in the Vulgate.

Gaudens gaudebo in Domino, et exultabo in Deo Iesu meo: Deus Dominus fortitudo mea: super excelsa deducet me. Alleluia, alleleuia. V/(Ps. 102:1) Benedic, anima mea, Domino: et omnia, quae intra me sunt, nomini sancto eius. Gaudens gaudebo. V. Gloria Patri. Gaudens gaudebo.

For the Collect:

Prosit nobis semper, quaesumus, omnipotens Pater, et praecipue inter haec Paschalia Filii tui solemnia, continuata Dei Genetricis Mariae memoria: quae, et astitit vulnerata caritate in cruce pendenti, et astat a dextris Regina in caelo regnanti. Per eumdem.

We beseech you, Almighty Father, that the continuous memory of Mary the Mother of God, who once stood, wounded by love, next to Him hanging on the cross, and who stands now, Queen, at His right hand reigning in Heaven, may be a good for us always, but especially during Thy Son’s Paschal celebration.  Through the same.

For votive Masses outside of Paschaltide:

Deus, qui, post acerbissimum Transfixionis gladium, sanctissimae Genetricis tuae spiritum miris propitius Gaudiis exsultare fecisti:concede propitius; ut, eius meritis fulti, post aerumnas et lacrimas huius saeculi, superna iugiter consolatione repleamur: Qui vivis.

God, who, after the most bitter sword of the Transfixion, you made the spirit of Thy most holy Mother favorably exult with miraculous joy, grant propitiously that, relying on her merits, after the sorrows and tears of this age, we be filled by divine consolation forever. Who lives.

The Epistle reading is Cant. 2:1-14.

For the Alleluia we have Math 28:2 and Tob 3:22.
For votive Masses outside of Paschaltide the Graduale is Is 61:10 (which in the Roman missal is the Introit for the feast of the Immaculate Conception) and the Alleluia Heb 1:9.
From Septuagesima to Easter, the Alleluia is substituted for the Tract, Lk 1:46-49.
From Friday after the Ascension until the Vigil of Pentecost the Alleluia is Ps. 66:6 and Ps 34:9

The Gospel reading is Jn 19:25-27, the same as the feast of the Seven Sorrows.

For the Offertory, a slightly edited version of Mat 28:2,5-6


Propitietur nobis, quaesumus, Domine, illius Agni Paschalis oblatio acceptissima: cum beatae Dei Genetricis Mariae pia interventione, quem ipsa genuit perpetua virginitate: Qui tecum vivit.

We ask, O Lord, that the most favorable sacrifice of this Paschal Lamb be rendered propitious for us: by the pious intervention of Blessed Mary, the Mother of God, whom she bore with perpetual virginity: Who lives.

The Preface is that of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Communion antiphon is Ps 29:12.


Per haec Sacramenta Paschalia nos tibi, clementissime Deus, beatae semper Virginis Mariae oratio conciliet: quae nobis panem Angelorum et caelestem alimoniam generavit, Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum, Filium tuum: Qui tecum.

May this prayer of the Blessed Mary ever-virgin, O most merciful God, through these Paschal Mysteries, reconcile us to you: She who produced the bread of Angels and the heavenly nourishment, our Lord, Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Who lives.



About Br. Gregory

Benedictine oblate, husband and father of 3, enamoured with the Liturgy, Fathers, and Sacred Scriptures. Trying to persevere through the "dura et aspera" while de Dei misericordia numquam desperare."
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5 Responses to Gaudiorum B. Mariae Virginis

  1. Judging by the translation it looks like some words might be missing from the Latin version of the votive Collect as you’ve typed it here, could that the case? Between “miris” and “propitius”?

  2. The Rad Trad says:

    The Introit was re-used in the Pius IX Mass for the [Immaculate] Conception of the BVM. I wonder if it was inspired by this feast or just a coincidence.

  3. Matheus says:

    O sr. tem aceso ao Missal Bracarense? Se sim, eu gostaria de lhe pedir um favor. Eu tenho pesquisado sobre a liturgia em honra a Santíssima Virgem no Tempo Pascal, e com a graça da mesma Virgem, encontrei este blog. Eu estou realizando esta ”pesquisa” para a Léctio Divina no dia apropriado, ou seja, na segunda-feira após o Domingo In Albis. O sr. teria como tirar foto do próprio da Solenidade integralmente, por favor, e me enviar, pelo e-mail ou pelo comentário, se for possível? Peço isso, pois ficou sem referências bíblicas o Gradual da Festa no dia próprio e o Ofertório com uma edição da passagem bíblica. Eu agradeço desde já!

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